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Platinum nitrate is a compound used for surface coatings of materials. It is also used to produce heterogeneous catalysts. It is a dark red aqueous solution, typically containing excess nitric acid. The platinum content is between 25-35%.

One of the more significant catalyst raw materials in the petrochemical industry is the platinum nitrate solution. A variety of chemistries are required to manufacture the solution. In addition, it must be air-stable. Besides, it has to be able to perform well as an intermediate material for other homogeneous catalysts.

A new and improved method of preparing platinum nitrate is the subject of the following invention. According to the present invention, the following steps are performed to prepare the platinum nitrate solution.

First, the reaction solution is stirred. After stirring, the reaction is completed and the liquid is filtered. Afterwards, a concentrated nitric acid is added. This is done to achieve a concentration of 15%. Another step is to heat the solution to about 60 deg C.

For a while, the platinum nitrate was a product of Alfa Aesar. However, a consortium of universities and companies led by KU Leuven and Tecnalia developed a process for producing it.

Compared to other noble metal compounds, platinum has a number of prospects. Platinum nitrate solution is one of the important raw materials needed in the purification of automobile exhaust catalysts. Additionally, it is an essential ingredient for producing a variety of heterogeneous catalysts.

Although the platinum nitrate is a good catalyst ingredient, it is prone to hydrolysis. During the hydrolysis process, the solution becomes gelled, resulting in a complete precipitation of the orange Pt (IV) oxide.

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