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aluminium granules supplier is the leading company offering a wide range of aluminium products to customers worldwide. They provide the highest quality and competitive prices for their products.

Aluminum is a lightweight, corrosion-resistant metal alloyed with other elements such as copper, magnesium and silicon. It is widely used in many industries for a variety of purposes.

Air atomization technology is the most popular method of manufacturing aluminum granules. It is safer and more cost-effective than other methods of production such as casting molten aluminium in sand or vacuum.

High purity aluminum granules supplied in a variety of shapes, sizes and surface characteristics for applications including titanium alloys, water purification chemicals, catalysts, paints and specialty alloys. Also available in anti-static bags and sealed cans.

Various packaging options are offered such as steel and fiber drums on pallets, wood and cardboard pallet boxes, stretch-wrapped on pallets, anti-static bags or sealed cans. Heat treating, hardening, crushing, screening, recycling and analytical services are provided as well.

Centaur System

They have a unique casting system that works around a rotating casting table onto which molten aluminium is poured into droplets from specially designed moulds. These droplets are then rotated around the table by 360 degrees and blown out from the table onto a steel conveyor with a combustion air knife to produce high quality granules without tails.

Other systems for grading, sorting and handling of granules are also available to produce the best granules possible.

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