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Aluminum oxide pellets are used in a number of industrial applications. For example, they may be used in the core of a reactor or as fillers in a fuel. They are also used as a mirror like protective layer for optical coatings.

An interesting use of aluminum oxide is its ability to dopant a high power fiber laser. In order to achieve this, the mineral is evaporated under vacuum to form dielectric films. This process leads to deep electron traps that result in a super-long persistent luminescence. These films can be used in the semiconductor industry.

Another use for aluminum oxide is in the creation of abrasives. These compounds are used in many industries including medical, electrical, and chemical. A particular type of aluminum oxide known as aluminosilicate, has been successfully immobilized onto silica nanoparticles. The adsorption process yielded an impressive IY value of 95.

Similarly, aluminum oxide is also used as a dopant in optical fiber amplifiers. In addition, its resistance to various chemicals makes it an attractive material for some applications. It is also useful for its thermal and electrical conductivity.

A recent study has demonstrated that the immobilization of an enzyme on aluminum oxide pellets can produce a more robust enzyme. This enzyme, known as L-asparaginase, was shown to have a good activity level at various temperatures and pH levels. Furthermore, the enzyme can be reused for nine cycles.

Aluminum oxide is a valuable raw material for the ceramic industry. This substance is often alloyed with other elements for higher performance.

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