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ammonium metatungstate is a white, crystalline powder that is soluble in water and insoluble in alcohol. This chemical is used to manufacture tungsten catalysts for different systems of reactions, such as oxidation, hydroxylation and hydrogenation. It is also an ingredient in tungsten-based alloys for use in a wide range of applications and as a raw material for tungsten carbide production.

Tungsten chemicals such as ammonium metatungstate are essential components in many industries, including electronics, ceramic, petroleum and fireproof fabric. In particular, ammonium metatungstate is used in the production of tungsten carbide, which is then used for a variety of applications such as drilling, cutting and metalworking.

The ammonium metatungstate market is a large and growing industry. This compound is a useful source of high-purity tungsten for numerous applications, and it offers the advantage of being free from alkali metal impurities. In addition, ammonium metatungstate can be used to produce tungsten oxide for use in chemical analysis and as a substrate for semiconductor devices.

ammonium metatungstate is manufactured as a minus 10-mesh powder to meet stringent demands in the pharmaceutical, aerospace and high-technology industries. It is typically packaged in a sealed container. American Elements can produce many organo-metallic compounds as nanopowders and as solutions for research purposes and for applications requiring non-aqueous solubility. Contact us for more information on these materials or other organo-metallics.

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