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What is magnesium Oxide?

Magnesium dioxide, is an inorganic compound with a chemical composition of MgO. The solid is white at room temperature. Magnesium oxide is found naturally in periclase. It is used as a raw material in magnesium smelting.

Magnesium dioxide has excellent fire resistance and insulation qualities. Magnesium oxide can be crystallized after burning at high temperatures above 1000degC. Burnt magnesia is formed when the temperature reaches 1500-2000degC. Magnesium-oxide ceramics are high-temperature resistant, have excellent conductivity and mechanical strength. They can be used to make microwave media, thick-film integrated semiconductors and glass-ceramics.

Concentrated application of magnesium oxide to ceramics

1. Magnesia and alumina of high purity are used for preparing molten ceramics particles. They can be widely applied in the field abrasive tool–used with rare earths oxides as an sintering help to prepare the Silicon nitride Ceramics. These ceramics can be efficiently and economically manufactured to make various products such as cutting tools and seal rings.

2. Preparation of magnesia core

It is important to note that the use temperature for the Magnesia Ceramic Core must not be less than 1600°C. This core will not react with cast metal in high-temperature environments. Castings with silicon-based cores have a smooth surface, which compensates for the many pores and holes that are present in the internal cavity. It is easy to strip, with simple equipment and a pollution-free, non-polluting stripping process. Thermal cracking is common; the core has a high degree of precision; it will not deform or break during the handling, installation and modelling.

3. Prepare high-strength ceramic materials by using high purity magnesium oxide, yttrium dioxide or rare-earth metal oxides in composite stabilisers. These ceramics have excellent mechanical properties as well as high temperature ageing resistance. The ceramic material has many applications, including high-temperature engineered parts and advanced materials.

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