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The properties of spherical-alumina

Ultra-fine, spherical, alumina is characterized by excellent properties such as high resistance to corrosion, high temperatures resistance, high hardness and strength, wear resistance resistance, oxidation resistant, insulation, good insulation, and large surface areas. It is widely used in metallurgy as well as electronics, national defense and aerospace, nuclear industry, and other areas. High-tech field.

Application of spherical allumina

1. Ceramic additives

A certain amount of nanospherical, alumina powder can be added to ceramics to solve their shortcomings due to low-temperature fracture and limited application range. The body can also be used to increase the ceramic’s toughness and lower the sintering temperatures.

2. Composite materials

Nano-spherical powdered alumina can be used to create new composite ceramic materials with unique properties. It can also be used to make artificial tooth and bone.

3. Coatings to protect the surface

Spherical alumina powder particles can be sprayed on metals, polymers, etc. to improve hardness, corrosion resistance wear resistance and fire resistance. They can also be used as surface protection for machinery, knives, chemical pipelines, and other equipment.

4. Optical materials

The absorption of ultraviolet light is strong for nano-sized spherical powders made from alumina spheres. It is less than 250nm in size. The blue shift phenomenon of nanoultraviolet absorbtion can be used to absorb the spherical, alumina powder. It does not emit harmful ultraviolet light and it will not affect the phosphor’s luminescence. The nano-spherical form of alumina is suitable for use in transparent ceramics, which are used as high-pressure sodium lamps. It can also be used with rare-earth and rare-earthphosphors to create the luminescent material. It will not only lower the cost, but also prolong the life of the luminous bulb.

5. Semiconductor materials

Nano-scale spherical Alumina Powder is very sensitive to humidity. It has an extremely high value in temperature sensors and can be widely used for substrate materials for large-scale integrated Circuits.

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