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The chemical inertness of tantalum, combined with its ductility and resistance to corrosion, has made it an important material for the production of electronic devices. Tantalum capacitors are widely used in computers, mobile phones and DVD players.

It is also used in medical implants, especially those that have direct contact with bone and other soft tissues. The presence of the metal on implant surfaces, as well as its conductive properties, must be carefully controlled and tested for possible adverse reactions, which could lead to toxic or carcinogenic effects in humans.

Thin Sheet & Strips (Foil) – Foil can be inserted into vacuum furnaces or heat insulation applications that require an inert, stable and non-reactive material. It is often deep drawn or formed to produce crucibles, cups and other laboratory equipment that requires an inert material.

Welding – Tantalum can be welded by TIG or Electron Beam with relatively low amounts of embrittlement, but should be annealed before further working to reduce stress.

Mn3B7O13Cl Nanoparticle as an Efficient Antiwear Lubricant for Sliding Wear between tantalum strips and Steel Ball

The lubricating performance of Mn3B7O13Cl nanoparticle was evaluated using the MFT-3000 friction and wear tester with a commercial oil. It was found that the coefficient of sliding wear between the tantalum strips and 52100 bearing steel balls was significantly reduced by 41.5% compared with that of the commercial oil, when the lubricant concentration was optimised.

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