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chromium iv oxide is a synthetic magnetic substance used in magnetic tape emulsions and in enterprise-class magnetic recording media. It has declined in use as the popularity of CDs and DVDs increases, but it is still considered by many oxide and tape manufacturers to be one of the best magnetic recording particulates ever invented.


The chromium iv oxide (CrO2) family includes a wide range of products that are widely used in a variety of industries for their high purity and stability. They are commonly available in submicron, nanopowder and bulk forms and are suitable for a broad range of applications including spectroscopy and microelectronics.

Chemical properties:

The compounds are basic anhydrides that react with acids and strong reducing agents in redox reactions. They are readily available in a broad range of purity and particle sizes with some speciality grades also being offered.

Biological activity:

The derivatives of CrO2 are biocompatible, and they can be used in various biomedical applications as well as in biosensor development. Among the most promising are:


The chromium iv oxide family is an excellent choice for antitumor applications due to its extremely low toxicity, which makes it an ideal chemotherapeutic agent. It is also an effective antioxidant and has shown significant cytotoxicity against human breast cancer cells in vitro. It can also be used as an anticancer agent against prostate and lung cancer.

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