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copper i chromate formula is a chemical compound that is formed by combining two different elements. It is also called a binary compound, because it contains two different ions or molecules. It has a number of applications and can be used to teach about the movement of ions in an electric field.

A copper i chromate is used in electroplating of nickel, chromium and zinc alloys, steel and other metals or alloys to impart brightness, smoothness, hardness and strength. It also is used as a corrosion inhibitor, antifouling agent and insecticide.

This compound can be easily prepared by combining copper(II) sulfate, sodium or potassium dichromate and aqueous ammonia. The resulting orange-brown precipitate is thermally decomposed to yield copper chromite.

This crystalline material is readily available in most volumes from chemical suppliers. It can be purchased in powder form or as a pellet. It is used to catalyze reactions in organic synthesis and has a variety of other uses. It is an excellent opacifier and can be used in glass, enamels and ceramics. It is also used to improve the strength of cast iron.

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