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Copper iodate (CAS 7681-65-4) is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula CuI. It is a blue-green crystalline solid that is often used as a catalyst in the synthesis of organic compounds. It is also an essential ingredient in iodine-based disinfectants and is used to sterilize glass and metal.

The complexing of copper(I) iodate with organic ligands gives rise to a wide variety of polynuclear structures that exhibit interesting physicochemical properties. These materials can be classified into two main categories according to their dimensionality: molecular complexes and extended networks. The latter exhibit intriguing physicochemical phenomena and are of considerable interest for the design and preparation of novel optical devices, namely organic light-emitting diodes and optical sensors.

The stable nature of CuI makes it an excellent product to use for teaching the fundamentals of gravimetric analysis and other basic analytical methods, such as redox titration. American Elements offers a broad range of high purity, submicron and nanopowder forms of copper iodate for use in research, production and manufacturing applications. All products are manufactured, packaged and shipped to meet customer specifications and comply with applicable testing standards, including ACS, USP, EP/BP and ISO.

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