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copper two nitrate, Cu(NO3)2 is a blue solid containing a +2 oxidation state of copper and nitrate ions. It is an oxidizing agent that produces nitrogen dioxide gas when it is heated. It is used to make nitric acid and is also an oxidizer in pyrotechnics.

Health Hazards

It is a health hazardous chemical that is irritating to the eyes, throat and lungs. It should not be mixed with wood or paper. It causes fire breakouts when it is combined with explosives or wood.

Safety and Storage

Anhydrous Copper Nitrate is deep blue-green and highly hygroscopic. It will form at least five hydrates as it absorbs water, which are crystalline and blue.

Several solvate-free polymorphs have been crystallized, including a- and b-Cu(NO3)2. These compounds are coordination polymers with infinite chains of Cu centers and nitrate groups. They feature two bidentate nitrate ligands in the alpha and beta forms.

Preparation and Structure

It can be prepared by adding a concentrated solution of dinitrogen tetroxide to copper metal in anhydrous conditions, and heating to 80degC. Then it is filtered and dried with a desiccator. The resulting pure anhydrous copper nitrate is a pale blue precipitate with a fluffy aspect.

Anhydrous copper nitrate is an important reagent for nitration of aromatic compounds with acetic anhydride. It is also used in a number of pyrotechnics, as a colorant for flame tests. Its oxidation by nitrogen oxides allows it to produce brilliantly colored flames without depressing the reaction too much.

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