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formula of calcium nitride

Calcium nitride is a compound obtained by heating pure calcium with nitrogen. It is a metal with a density of 2.63 and a melting point close to 1450deg C. It is also a metal that has the property of being resistant to oxygen. It can be used as a hard alloy, diamond tool, metal ceramics and high-temperature-resistant alloy additives.

Synthesis of calcium nitride in a reactor with nitrogen at a temperature greater than its melting point

To enable the calcium nitriding reaction to take place, it is necessary to heat the zinc calcium alloy that is used to produce the nitride to a higher temperature than its melting point. This can be achieved by injecting an inert gas such as argon into a tank 16 that contains the molten zinc calcium alloy.

The molten zinc calcium alloy is then transferred to a furnace 24 which maintains the molten zinc calcium alloy at a temperature of at least 650deg C. This temperature is maintained by means of a control system, such as a pressure-sensing device, which is able to adjust the flow of nitrogen into the furnace.

Spraying of the molten zinc calcium alloy

In order to ensure that the synthesis of calcium nitride takes place in the form of droplets, it is a preferred solution to spray the molten zinc calcium alloy into the top of the reactor 6 in the form of fine droplets by means of a sprayer 7. This process is performed at a height that is adapted to the reaction kinetics, so that a significant fraction of the calcium contained in the droplets is nitrided during their fall.

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