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What is Aluminum Nitride Ceramic?

Aluminum nitride clays are ceramics containing aluminum nitride, (AIN), as the main crystal phase. Aluminum nitride is a main raw material to produce high thermal conductivity aluminum-nitride ceramic substrates. It has high purity, small particles, and high activity.

Hardness of Aluminum Nitride Ceramics

Aluminum nitride ceramics have become more widely used with the advances in science and technology. Aluminum nitride ceramics have many applications in today’s world, including aerospace, electronics, semiconductors, and other areas. Aluminum nitride cermics exhibit high strength, high hardness and corrosion resistance. They also have wear resistance. Aluminum nitride clays have a hardness second only to diamond.

Aluminum nitride is a key structural ceramic material. Its chemical formula is ALN. It is superhard and resists wear and oxidation at elevated temperatures. You can make aluminum nitride clays with normal pressure.

First, aluminum-nitride ceramics rank fourth in organic materials. Hot-pressing sintering is the best way to obtain high-density aluminium nitride. It has excellent strength and oxidation resistance and can be maintained in place under high temperatures. It can be used for turbine blades in high-temperature, gas turbines. It can be used for wear-resistant sealing and can also be used in heating plates to heat silicon wafers in semiconductor manufacturing.

Aluminum nitride ceramics have a high hardness, making them difficult to process. It can be difficult to process without the use of professional processing technology and advanced equipment. Material can be scrapped if it lacks craftsmanship.

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