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hexagonal boron nitride powder (h-BN) is an important industrial ceramic material for the coating and manufacturing of various types of metal/glass products. It has high thermal conductivity, heat and corrosion resistance, electrical insulation, lubrication and demolding performance. It also shows very good chemical stability and is used for metallurgical applications as a replacement for graphite.

Hex boron nitride powder has a hexagonal layer structure with soft texture and high processability. It is a white color and is referred to as “white graphite.” h-BN has low porosity with a hardness comparable to that of diamond. Due to its low coefficient of friction, it is widely used for lubrication and sliding bearings. It also is a good thermal and electrical insulator, and resists corrosion and heat at elevated temperatures.

The h-BN ceramics are mainly manufactured by reactive hot pressing of a hex boron nitride powder, using B2O3 and sintering aids, in a graphite die. The hex boron nitride ceramics exhibit directional grain growth and anisotropic properties as a result of the biaxial application of pressure during the hot-pressing process.

The main h-BN producers are Saint-Gobain S.A., 3M, Denka Company ltd, Kennametal Inc, Showa Denko K.K and HC Starck GmbH. h-BN powder is also produced through the borax-urea (ammonium chloride) method with lower production cost and investment, but the boron nitride is not high in purity and has poor particle size uniformity. The major raw materials are boric acid, borax and calcium borate.

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