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Quartz powder is not a name you hear often in construction projects, but it is an ingredient that helps improve the durability of materials like paints and cement. Its piezoelectric properties – which cause it to generate an electric voltage when pressurized along certain directions – make it useful for vibrators and polarizing microscopes, among other things.

The properties of this material also make it a valuable building material, particularly because it is corrosion-resistant and chemically inert. It is also easy to process and offers a high melting point, allowing it to withstand extreme temperatures. It is also highly transparent in both UV and infrared rays, making it ideal for light bulbs. High-quality quartz crystals are also able to rotate the plane of polarized light, a trait that makes them ideal for lenses in cameras and microscopes.

Mineral wastes with a high content of silicon oxide, which are usually disposed of as fine powders, are easily dispersed and get into water and soil. Inhaling these dusts can cause respiratory failure, including pneumoconiosis. However, they are not harmful if incorporated into, for example, a hardened epoxy resin coating.

The research examined the effects of three different types of waste quartz powders on the pull-off strength of an epoxy resin coating. The results show that the highest pull-off strength was obtained with Q2 powder. A graph showing the dependence of the pull-off strength on the content of different particle sizes is shown in Fig. 10. Increasing the content of particles up to 5 mm caused the pull-off strength to decrease, then increase to a maximum value before decreasing again.

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