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CH3CO2K is an essential macro-mineral and potassium salt in the form of acetic acid that consists of equal numbers of acetate and potassium ions. It is a deliquescent white crystalline powder and soluble in water with a pH value between 7.5-9. It is widely used to replenish electrolytes and as a diuretic and urinary alkaliser. It is also an expectorant and a flavouring ingredient. It helps in maintaining intracellular tonicity, which is necessary for nerve conduction, smooth muscle contraction, normal renal function and maintenance of blood pressure.

Potassium acetate can be found in fruits, vegetables and is produced by bacterial fermentation. It is used in medical treatments, food processing and also as a buffer in chemistry. It is a common substitute for chloride salts, such as calcium chloride or magnesium chloride in the deicing industry to melt and prevent the formation of ice on roads and airport runways. It is also an ingredient in many pharmaceutical drugs, such as antibiotics, penicillin and insulin. It is a very safe compound and has very low toxicity, so it can be used in death penalty injections.

To determine the boiling point of potassium acetate, we have to consider its molecular composition. It is made up of two carbons, three hydrogens and two oxygens. This gives it a melting and boiling point of 292°C.

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