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iron chromate formula is the iron salt of chromic acid with the chemical formula Fe2(CrO4)3. It is also known as siderin yellow and used as a pigment in paint. It is soluble in acids but insoluble in water and ethanol. It is highly toxic if absorbed through the skin, inhaled or ingested.

Hexavalent chromium (Cr(VI)) is a hazardous pollutant that must be removed from effluents. One possible approach is reduction of Cr(VI) by metallic iron. In the present study, the reduction kinetics of fine synthetic hexavalent chromium oxide powder by metallic iron was studied isothermally and under constant temperature using a loosely packed powder bed with a high flow rate of hydrogen gas.

The results showed that below 1373 K, hexavalent chromium was first reduced to iron oxide and then further to chromium metal. At higher temperatures, the reduction kinetics of the two oxides were accelerated by increasing the flow rate of hydrogen gas.

The chief way to prevent rusting is to restrict access of oxygen and water. This is the principle behind oiling, greasing, painting and metal plating of iron. Another important technique is to use a less-active metal such as copper or zinc in contact with the iron. The less-active metal can “drain off” the electrons from the iron, leaving only a thin film of the more-active iron to attract and hold water and oxygen. This method of preventing rusting is employed in the manufacture of automobile wheels and bumpers, in iron nails and steel screws and bolts.

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