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Baf2 is soluble in water.

Barium fluoride (BaF2) is a compound of barium and fluorine, which occurs naturally as the mineral frankdicksonite. Under standard conditions, it adopts the structure of fluorite, and under high pressure it takes on the structure of PbCl2. It is used in the manufacture of glass-based optical components.

It has a wide transmission range from the UV through to the IR and can be used in FTIR spectrometers. It is also an excellent scintillator material with a fast decay constant.

The atoms of barium are classified as group 2 and the atoms of fluorine are classified as group 17. Since there are no covalent bonds, the chemical formula of BaF2 is a formula unit.

Ionic Compound: Yes

The chemical formula of baf2 is Ba2+ and F-. The barium atom donates one electron to each of the fluorine atom, and the fluorine atom accepts one electron from the barium atom to form a cation. The complete transfer of electrons between barium and fluorine ions brings stability to the molecule.

Lewis Structure: No

The Lewis structure of baf2 is not showing any resonance as there are no bonds between barium and fluorine ions. The fluorine atom has a formal charge of -1.

Non-linearity: No

The non-linearity of baf2 is an exception to the theory of VSEPR. It is a good material for nuclear imaging systems, scintillators, and detectors for high energy neutrons. It can also be used in pulse shape discrimination to distinguish between high-energy neutrons.

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