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Molybdenum in foods is safe but high amounts can cause achy joints and high blood levels of uric acid. Talk to your doctor before taking any dietary supplements that contain molybdenum or any other metal. If you are working with molybdenum or are exposed to it in the workplace, take precautions to avoid achy joints and high uric acid levels.

The present invention relates to a molybdenum cathode whose surface is characterized by the doping of one or more high-melting metals with a preferably homogeneous amount of lanthanum oxide. In this way the emission performance is considerably improved over the conventional thoriated cathode. In particular, the maximum obtainable steady state emission current density at low temperatures is increased by about four-fold compared with that of thoriated tungsten.

When heated for a short period of time to higher temperatures the lanthanated molybdenum exhibits even further superior values: heating power consumption is reduced by about a third, emission generally raises by a factor of 2.5 and maximum emission increases by about three-fold. This is due to the fact that molybdenum has a lower melting point than tungsten and therefore can be used at relatively low temperatures.

Moreover, the elongated grain structure that is created through doping with Lanthanum oxide and the production process ensures an excellent recrystallization temperature as well as exceptional creep resistance properties. lanthanated molybdenum is often the material of choice where embrittlement after recrystallization and assurance of dimensional shape stability at high-temperatures are essential. Typical applications include components for heat treatment equipment, hearth supports and furnaces as well as casting moulds and forging dies.

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