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Despite its rarity and extraordinary properties, osmium has never achieved the recognition that many other precious metals have enjoyed. A significant part of the reason for this is osmium’s raw material market. It is often combined with gold, silver or platinum and turned into jewellery. This deprives the raw osmium material markets of additional demand, driving up the price for this rarer product and ultimately making it unaffordable.

This rare element is also nearly unmeltable. In fact, it takes a very specialized lab furnace to melt it down into a lump which can then be smelted into rings and pendants. And that’s if you can even find it. Unlike gold, silver and platinum that will melt at room temperature, osmium bar won’t even budge under the hammer when being melted. It’s almost like a piece of glass!

Luciteria Science has been working on cracking osmium’s secrets and now brings you its first ever Troy ounce bars of this unique and rare element. The osmium bar is manufactured in Switzerland using advanced powder metallurgy techniques. Each osmium bar is serialized, comes encapsulated and sealed in a blister card. With less than 100 lbs of osmium coming to market per year, owning this bar represents a rare share of this unforgeable tangible asset investment.

Osmium is extracted as a by-product of platinum mining. About one ton of raw osmium is mined every year, of which approximately 400 kg goes to crystallization. The rest is used in industry and in the form of osmium tetroxide for research purposes. In its crystalline form, however, osmium has found its niche in the tangible assets and jewellery markets.

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