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manganese chromate is a yellow, odorless, water-soluble solid with several important industrial uses. It is manufactured as a powder and sold under a variety of brand names.

The best way to make it is by combining a solution of potassium chloride with a solution of copper(II) chloride and waiting for the precipitate to form. The chromate was probably made in an automated chemical plant somewhere in the U.S.

It is also possible to make it from scratch using a combination of sodium and chloride ions in an alkali metal hydroxide, namely, sodium sulfate or potassium sulfate. The resulting solution contains the mineral magnesium oxide (MgO) along with a few other trace elements, including some of the more common chromium ions.

It is a good idea to wear appropriate eye protection when handling it or working around it, as it may be irritating to the eyes. In addition, it is a lung irritant and respiratory system oxidizer that can lead to long-term effects on the lungs and liver. For this reason, it is best to avoid handling it by hand or wearing gloves.

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