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Nano diamond

It was first developed 30 years ago. However, its applications were limited to polishing agent, polycrystalline and other abrasives. The use of nano diamond powder in lubricating oil has increased as people have a better understanding of the properties. The applications of nano diamond powder in lubricating oil, medicine, metal coating, magnetic record system, medicine, and many other fields are still being explored.

Traditional use areas for nano diamond powder:

1. Nano-diamond & metal composite coating
Plated parts have a 1 to 9-time increase in service life. You can reduce the thickness by up to 2x. Electroplating is done with standard electroplating equipment.

The average percentage of diamonds found in the metal coat is between 0.3 and 0.5% by weight. Diamond consumption is 0.2% per m2 when the coating thickness is 1 Micron.

2. Nano diamond polishing liquid

It is widely used for semiconductor silicon wafer polishing.

The use of nano diamond powder in new development fields

1. A nano-diamond component is used as a lubricating and cooling oil.

Use of nano diamond in lubricating oils, greases, and coolants is primarily used in machinery industry. Nano diamond can increase the life of your engine and transmission, and help you save fuel oil.

2. Nano diamond-polymer composite

Use nano-diamond polymer compounds in aviation, automobiles. tractors. shipbuilding. Medicine, chemicals. Petrochemicals. Globe valves. Protective layers. Wear-resistant coatings.

3. Sintered body

The nano-diamonds can be mixed with transition metals in order to make high-strength and very low-porosity diamond-sintered bodies. This can be used for processing soft or brittle materials, with very low surface roughness.

4. Magnetic recording system

You can also use nano-diamonds in magnetic recording devices such as magnetic tapes and magnetic disks as wear-resistant modifiers and wear-resistant additions. Nano-diamonds can be used to reduce ferromagnetic materials particles, improve recording density, and decrease abrasive wear as well as the friction coefficient.

5. Add to the intermetallic compounds

Intermetallic compounds of copper, tin and zinc containing nano diamonds are suitable for use as friction parts under very difficult working conditions. This is because plastic and liquid lubricating material are often extruded.

6. Medicine

You can also use nano diamond in medicine to treat tumors, gastrointestinal disease, and skin disorders. It is safe, non-carcinogenic and rust-free. Nano diamond can be used as a super-active adsorbent or bioactive locator to enhance drug efficacy.

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