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An overview of the immunocolloidal-gold technology

Technology based upon immunological colloidal technology using nano colloidal (often referred as “colloidal”) to identify new types of antigen markers. introduce Faulk equals 1971 immunochemical created a method by immunology Leuvering that, as far back as 1980, used colloidal oleic acid (Colloidal Gold) for the detection of human Chorionic Gonadotropin. This technology is being rapidly used in areas such as medical clinical inspection, food security inspection, and animal epidemic surveillance. Coloidal gold immunochromatography and colloidal silver immunofiltration are two of the most popular and widely used techniques within the veterinary industry.

Coloidal gold immunolabeling technology

The colloidal gold, which is positively charged when placed in weak bases environment, can form an electrical bond with negatively charged proteins molecules. It does not alter the biochemical properties of the proteins. Due to the high amount of surface charge, colloidal silver particles are strong at binding proteins. To make colloidal golden proteins, you can noncovalently combine coloidal gold particles with staphylococcus A (SPA), staphylococcus A, immunoglobulin and other toxins. If the markers are made from gold particles of high electron densities, visible pink spots could be formed when they aggregate at an antigen body reaction spot on the solid-phase carrier. Therefore, colloidal gold, as a marker, can be used in immunoelectron microscopy, conventional light microscopy, quantitative and qualitative studies of antigens, as well as qualitative or semi-quantitative rapid detection of antigens or antibodies in vitro immunochromatography.

Benefits of the colloidal-gold immunolabeling technique

Immunocolloidal-gold technology is stable and easy to preserve. It is possible to preserve the results of experiments for long periods. This operation is quick and easy. The results can also be easily observed and compared. It is as simple as immersing the strips into the specimen. After the immunoanalysis, the colloidal gold will be used to indicate the process of forming the color mark. It takes between 3-10 minutes to detect the color mark. The operator is safe from any toxic effects. There are no radioisotopes and o-phenylenediamine which can pollute the environment or cause harm to the operator in colloidal silver immunodetection. There is no harm in gold or silver, and there are no environmental pollutants. The commercial reagent doesn’t require any instruments, which saves money, makes it easier to use, and allows for more field applications.
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