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nickel band is a powerful blend of vocal and instrumental harmonies and irresistible dance rhythms. With a mix of strings and reeds, this group plays country, rock, and rhythm and blues favorites as well as original music. Members include Garry Collett–guitar and vocals; Nicole Mohr–vocals, guitar and piano; Dave Cooper–bass; Marv Reitz–reeds; and Pete Hinz–mandolin. The group brings a fresh, modern sound to traditional classics and newer songs.

“Heaven’s always been in this cathedral we rebuild nightly together” — that’s how longtime acoustic band Nickel Creek frames its ebullient single, “Where the Long Line Leads,” off their fifth album, Celebrants. It’s a quietly radical idea, not least because the beloved San Diego trio wrote much of the record during the COVID-19 lockdown, and release it in a moment defined by bitter, deeply entrenched division.

Iron and nickel are two textbook materials that differ significantly in the number of d-electrons filling their bands close to the Fermi level, but they share a quantum many-body nature. Our calculations based on dynamical local correlations using GWthDMFT and quasiparticle self-consistent GW (QSGW) provide excellent agreement with experimental total cross sections for both metals, although the latter overestimate the impact of correlated itinerant magnets in both iron and nickel. Nevertheless, they correctly reproduce the known signatures of correlation, in particular the visible spin-polarized photoemission satellite at around 6 eV for nickel. In addition, our calculations also predict that k-independence of the local self-energy is not sufficient to fully explain these phenomena and that non-local exchange must play an important role.

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