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Silicon Nitride Ceramics:

Silicon nitride

A synthetic superhard material, ceramics is made of a high-quality polymer. Ceramics have good lubricating and hardening properties, and are especially hard at high temperatures. They also exhibit outstanding wear resistance in high temperatures and possess corrosion and oxidation resistance.

The silicon nitride’s resistance to thermal shock, compared with other industrial materials ceramics, is also a distinctive feature. It is heated up to over 1000degC and cooled down quickly. Then it is quickly heated again without fracturing. Because of its excellent thermal shock resistance it is often used for high-temperature mechanical components, such as turbine blade mechanical sealing rings, welding moulds, etc.

Also, silicon nitride ceramics have excellent mechanical and workability properties. The hardness of silicon nitride common ceramics is less than diamond. Processing is usually done using different technologies such as diamond wheels, grinding heads etc. Precision grinding, cutting and drilling are all possible.

Silicon nitride ceramics applications:

Si3N4 Ceramic Material is an excellent material for high temperature engineering. Its application in this field can fully exploit its benefits.

The future direction of Si3N4 development is to: (1) make full use of Si3N4’s excellent characteristics; (2) when Si3N4 Powder is sintered, create some new fluxes and research the best components from existing fluxes.

Si3N4 ceramics used in automobile engines have created a unique situation for the creation of new structural materials that can withstand high temperatures. The automobile industry is a multidisciplinary field that combines the best of many technologies. China is a civilization that has a very long history. In the development of ceramics, it has achieved many brilliant things. China’s reform and openness will one day make it to the top of the auto industry and the ceramics development.

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