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potassium disulfate is used to supplement soils that are deficient in potassium and sulfur. K and S are important elements for many plant functions, including enzyme synthesis and function, the formation of starch and sugars, regulating water flow in cells and leaves and more.

K2SO4 is one of the most commonly available forms of K fertilizer, and growers use it to supply both elements in equal amounts. It is produced in several ways, but the most common process involves harvesting minerals containing both potassium and sulfur (such as langbeinite and schoenite) and then reacting them with water and salt solutions to separate the components.

The resulting K2SO4 is often mixed with other fertilizers to form a more complete K-S fertilizer. It is less soluble than potassium chloride, so it does not dissolve as rapidly for irrigation or foliar spray applications. However, it is also an ideal source of K for crops that can benefit from Cl- additions because its partial salt index is lower than that of KCl, so total salinity is added less often per unit of K.

Using K2SO4 instead of more common potassium sources is especially important when the soil or crop needs an additional source of S and the resulting sulfate salts are not readily available in natural resources. For example, K2SO4 is a popular solution for alfalfa, as it contains both potassium and sulfur, which are essential nutrients for the plant.

American Elements offers potassium disulfate in many volume sizes, ranging from high purity to submicron powders and nanopowders. It is manufactured to strict quality standards and is packaged according to applicable ASTM testing standards.

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