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potassium tris oxalato ferrate iii trihydrate is a commonly prepared coordination compound in general and upper-level chemistry laboratories. It is a good way to introduce students to X-ray crystallography and unit cell dimensions while also demonstrating the scientific ingenuity that lies in wait in the lab.

One of the more exciting properties in this potassium ferrioxalate is its magnetic properties which can be augmented by a little creativity when combining it with a complementary metal oxide to produce molecular magnets that may even exhibit chirality and spin rotation. The aforementioned molecular magnets are able to perform several useful functions including superconductivity, magneto-electricity and photophysics.

Aside from their magnetic properties, these nanoferritics are an impressive sight to behold when viewed in close proximity. The best part is that they are easy to synthesize using a relatively inexpensive set of tools.

As with most laboratory wares, you will want to store this item in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. A hazard warning label is provided for your protection. Be sure to store in a tight container to avoid leakage and contamination.

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