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Boron nitride This crystal is made up of atoms of boron, nitrogen and oxygen. Its chemical makeup is 43.6% Boron and 56.4% Nitrogen. Boron nitride is available in four different forms: hexagonal boron nitride, diamond Square Boron Nitride, Cubic Boron Nitride and Wurtzite Boron Nitride.

Boron Nitride Properties

Boron Nitride is resistant to corrosion by chemicals and inorganic acids. It is also not affected when exposed to water and other organic acids. The boron nitrogen bond is shattered in concentrated hot alkali and begins to oxidize above 1200degC. Boron Nitride is slightly soluble when heated in acid, but insoluble with cold water. It has a density relative of 2.25.

The majority of properties of boron materials are better than those of carbon materials. The following properties are found in hexagonal boron Nitride: Low friction coefficient; good high temperature stability; good thermal shock resistance; high strength; high thermal conductivity.

Boron Nitride Applications

1. Hexagonal Borosidride is chemically stable and will not affect or wet most metals like steel, stainless, al, Fe, Ge, Bi, Si, etc. The boron-nitride material can be used in crucibles for melting and evaporating metals as well as boats, liquid metal pipes, rockets nozzles, high power device bases and galvanic couple protection.

2. Heat and corrosion resistant components can be manufactured using hexagonal Boron Nitride. These include high-temperature parts, rocket combustion chambers linings. It can be produced.

3. The hexagonal boron-nitride material is widely used for high-voltage and plasma-arc insulators. Other applications include insulators in various heaters and heating pipe sleeves, high temperature, high-frequency and high voltage insulation and heat dissipation materials, and high frequency application electric furnaces.

4. In the electronic industry, it’s used as an crucible for preparing gallium arsenide and gallium phosphide. It can also be used for heat sinks in semiconductor packages.

5. It is used to absorb neutrons and as a shielding material in atomic reactors. It can be used for infrared polarizers, infrared filters and optical paths in laser instruments.

6. Hexagonal boran nitride can be used to make a self-lubricating bearing. It is also a good lubricant at high temperatures. Because boron is similar in many ways to graphite and has many physical properties, it’s called white graphite. It is a mixture of mica, talc silicate and fatty acids. They are collectively called white solids lubricants.

7. Boron Nitride can be used in various materials as an additive. Boron fiber is high modulus, boron-nitride processed. It is a synthetic inorganic engineering material. It can be widely applied in the chemical industry and textile industry.

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