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Rubidium oxide (Rb2O) is a yellow colored crystalline compound that consists of two rubidium ions bonded to four equivalent oxygen atoms. The molecule is Fluorite structured and crystallizes in the orthorhombic Pnnm space group.

It is composed of a mixture of corner and edge sharing RbO4 tetrahedra with three shorter and one longer Rb-O bond lengths. The Rb-O bond lengths are 1.992 A and 2.95 A respectively.

The valence of the element is p and the outermost electrons are released from the p orbital when it reacted with water molecules. The chemistry of this element is very simple because it has a high electron release ability and low nuclear attraction.

A stable oxidation state of Rubidium is +1 because it has only one electron in its s orbital and when that electron is removed then the element can form a stable single bond. The CAS registry number of this element is 7440-17-7.

Electronegativity of Rubidium is 0.82 which means it is more electropositive and attracts electrons towards itself. According to the Pauling scale of the periodic table, the most electronegative atom is fluorine with 4.0 electronegativity.

Rubidium is a common alkali metal found together with potassium and cesium in mineral sources. It is not a heavy alkali metal and it does not have much industrial significance. It is mainly used for research purposes. Moreover, it is used in photoelectric cells to produce electric current and as a “getter” in electron tubes to scavenge traces of sealed-in gases.

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