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What is Silicon Carbide? A compound of silicon and carbide. The mineral moissanite is the source of this compound. Natural silicon carbide was named after Ferdinand Henri Moissan (French pharmacist). Moissanite occurs in meteorites as well as kimberlite or corundum. Most commercial silicon carbide today is artificial. It’s not possible to find silicon carbonide in nature on Earth. But it is abundant in space.

What are the advantages of silicon carbide?
Stable chemical properties of silicon carbide are high thermal conductivity, low temperature thermal expansion coefficient and wear resistance.

Silicon carbide semiconductor
The incomparable exceptional properties of silicon carbide make it a wide band semiconductor material. Silicon carbide can be used in many types of semiconductor materials. The majority of silicon carbide devices are power diodes or power switches. JBS diodes (PIN diodes) and superjunction dailies (SJBS diodes), while power switches typically include metal oxide semiconductor fields effect switches, junction field effect switching (JFET), Bipolar switches, BJT), metal gate bipolar transistors IGBT, gate turn-off thermotors (GTO), emitter turnoff thermotors (ETO), and gate turn-off transistors (IGBT).
High frequency and high-efficiency silicon carbide semiconductors are particularly well-suited for high temperature or strict efficiency applications. This material can be used extensively in the following areas: solar inverter; vehicle power supply; motor controller for new energy vehicle; UPS, charging pile; power supply.

What does silicon carbide Inverter mean?
The silicon carbide-based Inverters have a higher power density than conventional inverters and require less cooling.

Silicon Carbide Price
Price is affected by many things, such as the demand and supply in the market and industry trends. Economic activity. Unexpected events.
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Silicon Carbide Supplier
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