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What is silicon nitride (SiN)?

Silicon-nitride, an inorganic material with the formula Si3N4, is a substance. It is an important ceramic structural material, with high wear resistance, inherent lubricity and high hardness. It is a crystalline atom, and it resists oxidation in high temperatures. It is also resistant to the impact of both cold and heat. It won’t be damaged if you heat it to over 1000degC and cool it quickly, then heat it rapidly. The excellent characteristics of silicon-nitride ceramic are the reason why it is used so often to make mechanical parts such as bearings. turbine blades. mechanical seal rings. permanent molds. Silicon nitride Ceramics are resistant to heat and are difficult to transfer. They can therefore be used to create the heating surfaces for engine components.

The future trend in the market will be silicon nitride-ceramic substrates

Semiconductors develop towards high-power and high-frequency semiconductors. Semiconductor products are used widely in many fields, including wind energy generation, solar photovoltaic electricity generation, electric cars, LED lighting, etc. As electronic components ceramic substrates are very important in the LED lighting field.

Semiconductor packing materials are substrates with good electrical insulation that contain electronic components and interconnections. The substrate should possess the following characteristics: high insulation and resistance against electrical breakdown.

Substrates that are commonly used include ceramic, glass ceramic, diamond, resin, silicon, metal, or metal composites. Ceramics, for example, have been a favorite because of their high thermal conductivity (higher than metal), good insulation properties, and stable chemical properties.

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