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About Spherical Aluminum Nitride AlN Granule:Spherical aluminum nitride is prepared by laser flame jet fusion method, and the obtained product has high purity, uniform particle size distribution, clean surface, high sphericity, no residual impurities, easy dispersion, and good compatibility with organisms. Aluminum nitride powder undergoes the second laser melting spherical alloying, and has a high thermal conductivity (340W) and heat transfer. Spherical aluminum nitride is a kind of inorganic powders of high thermal conductivity materials, because of its high thermal conductivity, good insulation, low dielectric constant, and si materials considerable expansion coefficient, excellent comprehensive performance, more and more attention by all of us, are widely used in large scale integrated circuit, high thermal conductivity in the field of electronic substrate, inorganic filler of thermal conductivity, high-performance structure ceramics, and other fields.With the advent of the 5G era, all kinds of electronic devices are more and more integrated and more and more powerful. In order to improve the heat dissipation performance of various packaging resins used in the field of electronics, the best way is to add inorganic insulation filler with high thermal conductivity into the material, and aluminum nitride is one of the best choices. To improve the filling amount, the powder is required to be compact and spherical, with the particle size ranging from tens of microns to hundreds of microns, so as to ensure the compound of the size and particle size to achieve high filling and good fluidity. Advanc3dmaterials is a trusted global Spherical Aluminum Nitride AlN Granule supplier. Feel free to send an inquiry about the latest price of AlN Granule at any time.Product Performance of Spherical Aluminum Nitride AlN Granule:Our company sells the spherical aluminum nitride AlN granule ( CAS 24304-00-5 ) with high purity and ultrafine particle size, the surface activity is high, through the superficial cloth wrapper processing powder body, the oxygen content is very low, the insulation heat conduction performance effect is obvious.Specification of Spherical Aluminum Nitride AlN Granule:Product Name: spherical aluminum nitride, AlN granule;Purity: 99.5%;Particle Size:  D50—80umChemical Composition of Spherical Aluminum Nitride AlN Granule:AlNNFeMnOCCaSiNi>99.5%≥32%0.040.0005≤0.420.02≤0.009≤0.0450.0002  How is Spherical Aluminum Nitride AlN Granule Produced? The invention relates to a method for preparing high purity, quasi-spherical aluminum nitride particles, which comprises the following steps:(1) Wet Al2O3 powder, soluble inorganic salt and water-soluble organic precursor according to the mass ratio, mix the above raw materials, add water, ball mill and spray granulation to obtain micron-size spherical particles;(2) the micron-sized spherical particles are placed in a nitrogen atmosphere for microwave synthesis, the synthesis process is divided into two stages: the first stage: using 0.1 5℃/min heating rate from room temperature to 800 1200℃, heat preservation; The second paragraph: the use of 120 ℃/min rates of heating to 1200 1800℃, heat preservation, containing trace carbon nano aluminum nitride particles.(3) The nano-sized aluminum nitride particles containing trace carbon were decarbonized in the atmosphere of CO2 to obtain the high-purity, sphere-like nano-sized aluminum nitride particles. Applications of Spherical Aluminum Nitride AlN Granule:1. The manufacture of high-performance ceramic devices: manufacturing integrated electric subgrade board, electronic devices, optical devices, radiators, the high-temperature crucible2. The preparation of metal and polymer matrix composite materials: especially in the high temperature sealing adhesive and electronic packaging materials have excellent application prospects.3.Nano inorganic ceramic automotive lubricants and anti-wear agent, nanometer ceramic aluminum nitride ceramic nanoparticles as lubricating oil in the metal surface on the engine internal friction pair, under the action of high temperature and extreme pressure, is activated, and strong permeability embedded in the metal surface dent and microporous, repair the damaged surface and form a nano-ceramic coating. Because of the isolation of this film, friction is greatly reduced, reducing the friction between moving parts to almost zero. Although the price of nano aluminum nitride powder is expensive, the amount added in the lubricating oil is only two parts per ten thousand, the cost performance is very high.4. Used for manufacturing heat-conducting silica gel and heat-conducting epoxy resin. Ultra-high thermal conductivity nano-aluminum nitride composite silica gel has good thermal conductivity, good electrical insulation, wide electrical insulation temperature (working temperature -60℃ –200℃), low consistency and good construction performance. Widely used in the gap between CPU and radiator, high-power triodes, SCR components, diodes, and the heat transfer medium in the thin joints in contact with the substrate.5. Aluminum nitride powder in the application of high thermal conductivity silicone rubber: At the end of the aluminum and silicon nitride matching performance is good, easy to disperse in rubber, on the premise of not affect the mechanical properties of the rubber can greatly enhance the thermal conductivity of silicone rubber, unlike oxides in the process of adding the viscosity rise quickly, add a small amount of (according to the requirements of thermal conductivity is in commonly 5% can make heat conductivity increased by 50% – 70%), widely used and the military, Aviation and information engineering.6. Other areas of application: application of nano aluminum nitride in smelting non-ferrous metal and semiconductor gallium arsenide crucible, evaporation boat, thermocouple protection tube, high-temperature insulation parts, microwave dielectric ceramic materials, high temperature resistant and corrosion resistant structure and microwave transparent aluminum nitride ceramic products, and the current application and PI resin, thermal insulating mica tape, thermal grease, insulating paint, and heat conduction oil, etc.Storage Condition of Spherical Aluminum Nitride AlN Granule :The damp reunion will affect spherical aluminum nitride dispersion performance and using effects, therefore, spherical aluminum nitride should be sealed in vacuum packing and stored in a cool and dry room, the spherical aluminum nitride can not be exposure to air. In addition, the spherical aluminum nitride should be avoided under stress.Packing & Shipping of Spherical Aluminum Nitride AlN Granule :We have many different kinds of packing which depend on the spherical aluminum nitride AlN granule quantity.Spherical aluminum nitride AlN granule packing: vacuum packing, 100g, 500g or 1kg/bag, 25kg/barrel, or as your request.Spherical aluminum nitride AlN granule shipping: could be shipped out by sea, by air, by express as soon as possible once payment receipt.Spherical Aluminum Nitride PropertiesOther NamesSpherical Aluminium nitride, AlN granuleCAS No.24304-00-5Compound FormulaAlNMolecular Weight40.9882AppearanceWhite to pale yellow powderMelting Point2200 °CBoiling Point2517 °C (dec.)Density2.9 to 3.3 g/cm3Solubility in H2ON/AElectrical Resistivity10 to 12 10x Ω-mPoisson’s Ratio0.21 to 0.31Specific Heat780 J/kg-KThermal Conductivity80 to 200 W/m-KThermal Expansion4.2 to 5.4 µm/m-KYoung’s Modulus330 GPaExact Mass40.9846Monoisotopic Mass40.9846 Spherical Aluminum Nitride Health & Safety InformationRemarksDangerHazard StatementsH314-H335Hazard CodesXiRisk Codes36/37/38Safety Statements26-37/39RTECS NumberN/ATransport InformationN/AWGK Germany3 Inquiry us

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