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Spherical Aluminum Oxide Aluminum oxide a-phase produced by high-temperature melting spraying has high sphericity. It performs well as a ceramic raw material and as a rubber and plastic filler.

Spherical aluminum oxide powder Properties

1. High filling Aluminum oxide with a sphericity of high and a particle size distribution that is wide are the characteristics of this product. It can fill rubber with high density. The mixture will have low viscosity, good fluidity and low viscosity.

2. High thermal conductivity
A mixture with good heat dissipation and high thermal conductivity can be achieved by filling spherical silicon powder with aluminum oxide.

3. Low Wear
Aluminum oxide spherical is less abrasive than other types of aluminum oxide. This means that equipment such as kneaders or molding machines can last longer.

Spherical aluminum oxide powder Applications

1. Use as a ceramic material
The high quality ceramics produced with spherical aluminium oxide are able to be made by using its excellent compression molding, blending and sintering qualities.

2. It is used as a material for grinding and polishing
Use spherical Aluminum Oxide as a polishing agent to avoid scratches.

3. It is used in the petrochemical industries
In the petrochemical industries, the requirements for pore size distribution as well as pore structure are increasing. To control the pore sizes and distributions of the catalyst carrier particles, it is possible to adjust the particle size configuration for the spherical powder.

4. Catalysts:
Aluminum oxide spheres can be used as catalysts to reduce abrasion. They also increase the lifespan of the catalysts, which will lower the production costs.

5. Surface protective coating
Spraying spherical aluminum powder on plastics, metals, etc. Surface protection for machinery, knives and chemical pipelines can be improved by using this powder.

6. Useful for luminescent material
Aluminum oxide powder spherical has a high density which reduces the scattering and loss of light.

7. Electronics industry
The excellent properties of spherical aluminium oxide in terms electrical, mechanical and thermal properties make it widely used in semiconductor electronic packaging.

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