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Strontium oxide is a white solid with a small molecule and a high melting point. It has been used in many applications including paint dryers and pyrotechnics. In its simplest form, it can be prepared by heating a mixture of strontium and oxygen. You can purchase strontium oxide in various forms, ranging from granular, pellets and nanopowder.

Aside from being a great glass maker’s friend, it can also be used in ceramics, as well as the manufacture of strontium salts. However, it is also a very corrosive substance. Hence, it should be disposed of in a responsible manner. Luckily, you can get rid of it with minimal effort.

Strontium oxide is also a sputtering target material. To make it, you can either heat up a mixture of strontium and oxygen or strontium carbonate. The latter produces a luminous substance that can be used as a precursor to the former.

Strontium oxide is a good choice for high-gloss glazes. However, it may require long soaking periods to achieve the finish you desire. This is because it is not soluble in acetone.

Despite its name, strontium oxide is a weakly basic oxide. Although it does have a higher melting point than its calcium counterpart, it is not quite as reactive. That is why it is commonly used as a flux in television picture tube glass. When combined with barium oxide, it results in a color that is similar to that of the former.

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