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Lithium-ion Batteries are the most popular in the battery industry. But they have inherent safety problems because of their structure and the materials that are used.
Due to the high voltage total and the large working current needed in the power sector, thousands of batteries are often used in groups. At this point, the safety of batteries is becoming a bigger issue. The safety problem hasn’t been fully resolved as far as battery material technology goes. Heat insulation, flame retardant, and fire protection are all effective methods to reduce harm caused by lithium-ion battery thermal runaway.

Aerogels currently have the lowest known thermal conductivity among solid materials. Aerogel insulation materials, heat-insulation panels, and heat-insulation papers have a thermal insulation performance that is up to five times greater than other products. These materials also offer excellent fire retardancy and flame resistance. With the growth of the aerogel sector, applications of aerogel to batteries are becoming more widespread. They offer soft impact resistance and sound insulation as well as noise reduction.

Aerogel has a very low thermal conductivity
Researchers have tested the thermal insulation effect of heat insulation boards between single cells. Thermal runaway propagation was used to test the aerogel separator. A 6Ah battery module was wrapped with four 200mm insulation material and a board of 1cm thickness between two monomers. The thermal runaway effect on the thermal protection in the single cell compartment.

The results from the experiments show that when monomer A becomes thermally out-of-control, monomer in the blank groups without thermal protection quickly heats and becomes thermally out-of control. In contrast, experimental monomer with an aerogel between the monomers reaches only 110°C. It successfully blocks the thermal spread of a 6Ah battery cell at 20mm.

Due to its excellent properties of heat insulation and flame retardance, aerogel is able to further reduce the safe distance between monomers. In order to maximize the power of battery packs and reduce space, aerogel manufacturers have developed a range of ultra-thin aerogel sheets, insulation papers, and other products that meet the high energy density and safety requirements of the industry.

Aerogel will be used more widely in battery applications as my country develops its aerogel industry. This will include the latest military thermal batteries and more civilian battery uses, including new energy power, thermal insulation, and flame retardant protection of lithium-ion and accumulator batteries in electronic equipment.

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