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Aluminum Nitride Powder
AlN can stabilize to 2200degC. The intensity of AlN is high at room temperatures, but decreases slowly with increasing temperature. It has a high thermal conductivity and low thermal extension coefficient making it a great thermal shock material. It is resistant to corrosion and can be used as a crucible for melting aluminum, pure iron and aluminum alloys. Aluminum nitride has good electrical insulation properties, making it a promising electrical component.

Aluminium Nitride AlN powder (CAS 24304-00-5

What are the applications of

Aluminum Nitride Powder

1. Aluminum nitride is a powder with high purity and low particle sizes. It also has high activity. It is used as the main raw material in high thermal conductivity aluminum Nitride ceramic substrates.

2. High thermal conductivity, low expansion coefficient and high strength make aluminum nitride ceramic substrate a great choice. It is a good substrate and packaging material for large-scale, integrated circuits.

3. Aluminum nitride’s hardness is much higher than that of traditional aluminum. This new ceramic material is wear-resistant, but it cannot be used on parts that are very worn.

4. It can be made using the thermal shock resistance, melt erosion resistance and heat resistance of AlN ceramics. GaAs crystals, GaAs evaporation plate, magnetic fluid power generator devices, high-temperature turbine parts and magnetic fluid power generation device can all be made. The optical properties of this material can be used to create an Infrared windows. Aluminum nitride can be made into high frequency piezoelectric components or ultra-large-scale integrated Circuit substrates.

5. A type of aluminum nitride that is heat-resistant and resistant to molten metallic corrosion, stable to acids, and easily corroded with alkaline solution. The new surface will form an oxide film when it is exposed to moist atmosphere. It can be used as an oven and mold material to melt copper, silver and lead. AIN ceramics can be used to replace toxic Beryllium Oxide ceramics in the electronics sector. They have excellent metallization properties.

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Aluminum Nitride Powder

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