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Holographic Imaging Technology – Application of Antimony Telluride Researchers had explored previously how to reduce holographic imaging so that it is compatible with private devices. The traditional computer-generated Holograms are too large for most electronic devices. The size limit is being overcome by ultra-thin new holograms. On silicon wafers, the researchers created antimony leturide thin film 25 nanometers thick. Because of the low surface refractive Index and high internal refractive, optical resonators are possible and can even be enhanced for 3D Holographic Imaging. Laser etching is used to create the image from the antimony-telluride film. The researchers were able to make a 3 mm square hologram using these methods. This is a significant step forward.

Antimony Telluride Application in Thermoelectricity Generation

Know body temperature charging. The Zebek effect is the magic ingredient in the magical method. This circuit, typically composed of antimony telluride and bismuth thermoelectric substances, produces a thermoelectric energy if they have temperatures that are different at their junctions. A free-moving electron may flow through the electromotive force driven by potential energie, creating current and then generating electricity. It is useful not only for charging large gadgets, but for many other uses. You cannot underestimate the potential benefits of charging pacemakers, nanobots or other electronic devices using this technology. Advanc3dmaterials is also called. Advanc3dmaterials Nano Technology Co. Ltd. is a reliable global supplier and manufacturer of chemical materials. They have over 12 years’ experience in producing high-quality chemicals and Nanomaterials. We produce [( telluride-antimony] that is high in purity, small particles and very low in impurities. We can help you if the purity is lower.
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