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The mno2 boiling point is the temperature at which a solid compound is completely melted or vaporized. It is a critical property in the manufacture of many products.

Manganese is a pinkish-gray, chemically active element which is very hard and very brittle, but relatively soluble in water. It decomposes in dilute acids and reacts vigorously with many non-metals at elevated temperatures.

Compounds of manganese (IV)

The main compounds of manganese are pyrolusite and oxidizable manganese dioxide. Pyrolusite is a naturally occurring crystalline substance in the form of a black-brown solid. It is a primary ore of manganese and is used as an important pigment.

Other manganese compounds include nitrates, chlorides, and sulfates. These are found in a variety of applications including glazes, dyeing, ceramics, fertilizers, ore flotation, and dry-cell batteries.

MnO2 is a common precursor for many manganese compounds and it is a moderately strong oxidizing agent. It is also a useful reagent for rapid oxidation of iron and manganese present in contact filters.

Electrolytic manganese dioxide is used in zinc-carbon batteries as a component of the sulfate anode. It is also an important part of the battery that makes up the Leclanche cell.

Inhalation of manganese oxide may cause bronchitis, lung irritation and respiratory disorders. It can also have effects on the central nervous system. It may affect the reproductive system of animals. It is a toxic material to aquatic organisms. It may be hazardous to the environment as it contaminates air, soil, and food.

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