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Titanium diboride powder The hexagonal (AlB2) structure of the crystals is grayish-black. The melting temperature of titanium diboride (2980degC) is high, and it also has a very hard surface. It is stable to HCl, HF and anti-oxidation temperatures. Titanium Diboride is used to produce composite ceramic products. Due to its ability to resist corrosion, titanium diboride may be used for the production of electrolytic cell electrodes and molten metallic crucibles.

The Preparation Of Titanium Diboride

There are many methods that can be used to prepare titanium diboride. These include the carbothermic method of reduction, the self-propagating method at high temperatures and synthesis, mechanochemical method, vaporization method, ball grinding method, etc.
1.Carbothermal Reduction Method
Using titanium oxide and boron dioxide as raw materials, using carbon black as the reducing agent in a high-temperature tube carbon furnace for a long period of time, the purity is determined by the powder of the original raw material. This process is widely used in industrial production. The powder obtained from this process has large particles and is high in impurities.

Self-propagating High-Temperature Synthesis (SHS)
In general, this method consists of pressing the raw material mixture that is to be reacted to a block. One end of the block will then be ignited to ignite the reactions. The reaction releases a huge amount of heat, which causes adjacent materials to react. Eventually, a combustion-wave spreading at speed v forms. As the combustion waves advance, the raw materials are transformed into the finished product. The self-propagating, high-temperature method can be combined with special technical means to produce a dense material of titanium diboride.

3.Mechanochemical Reaction Method (MR).
The powder reactant is placed into a high-energy mill and is repeatedly deformed under the pressure and shearing from the grinding ball. The ball milling medium generates chemical energy through the violent friction. Comparing the two first methods of preparing titanium dioxide, the mechanochemical reactions method has advantages such as low synthesis temperatures, a wide range of raw material sources, and low costs.

The Application of Titanium Diboride

Titanium diboride can be mixed with ceramic polymers and other metals to create new materials that have commercial applications.

1.Titanium boride can serve as an additive for grain refinement or particle strengthening. It can be used to enhance the mechanical and physic properties of materials based on aluminum, copper and titanium-aluminum alloys.

It is possible to combine titanium diboride and non-oxide ceramic materials, such as silicon carbide, aluminum nitride or boron carbide. Or, it can be combined with oxide ceramics, such as alumina.

PTC head-type materials and PTC heating ceramics can be created by mixing titanium diboride powder with high performance resin. They have many advantages, such as safety, power savings, reliability and easy processing and moldability. These include electric blankets (electric irons), electric ovens (electric stoves), and air conditioners. This is a key high-tech to upgrade household appliances like hot-air heaters.

It has an excellent resistance to corrosion caused by molten metallic sludge. It is used for evaporators as well as aluminum electrolytic cells cathodes, electrodes, contact heads, and molten-metal crucibles.

5. Due to its good wettability, titanium diboride can be used as a cathode coating for the aluminum electrode cell. This will reduce the power consumption and extend the life of this cell.

6. Titanium diboride may be used in the manufacture of ceramic tools and molds. It is used for the manufacture of finishing tools, wire-drawing dies and extrusions dies.

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