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Manganese dioxide

The chemical formula for this inorganic compound is MnO2. Manganese oxide is an amorphous black powder or orthorhombic black crystal.

Manganese Dioxide Properties:

Manganese dioxide is insoluble with water, weak acid and weak alkali. It also has a low solubility in nitric, cold sulfuric, or nitric acids. Manganese dioxide is dissolved in concentrated hydrochloric acids when heated. This produces chlorine gas.

Manganese dioxide, also known as amphoteric iron oxide, is a compound reaction in molten alkali system. A corresponding salt is available in the form of perovskite structures such as BaMnO3 and SrMnO3 obtained by a reaction between a molten acid system and a compound.

When manganese oxide is exposed to a reducing substance, it becomes oxidizing. In order to get brown-black Manganese Trioxide, manganese dioxide is heated with ammonia in a steam.

It also becomes reducible when manganese oxide is in contact with strong oxidants. Mixing manganese dioxide with potassium carbonate or potassium nitrate and melting it will produce a dark green liquid. This liquid can then be dissolved in water, cooled, and used to make potassium manganate. It is an oxidant that can be very strong in acid medium.

Manganese Dioxide Application:

Manganese dioxide can be used as a depolarizer in dry batteries, a catalyst, oxidant, or colorant for glass, enamel, and other industries.

Manganese oxide is used to produce metallic manganese as well special alloys, gasmasks, ferrites and electronic material. Manganese oxide can be used to increase the viscosity and strength of rubber in the rubber manufacturing industry. Manganese dioxide is also used as a chemical catalyst.

In the laboratory manganese dioxide is used to catalyze the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide to produce oxygen, as well as to catalyze decomposition of potassium chlorate to produce oxygen. Manganese dioxide is combined with elemental aluminum powder to form manganese and its oxide. Yellow glass, pigments and other uses.

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