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Tin (IV) chloride is an inorganic compound that contains 1 Tin atom and 4 Chlorine atoms. It is a strong reducing agent and it is used in pharmaceuticals, ink stains removal, lubricating oils and as a catalyst. It is also used to make pigments and tin-plate steel.

Tin is found in certain ores and in the tailings from some ores where other metals have been leached or otherwise recovered. However, the concentration of tin in these ores or solutions can be quite low. In such cases the recovery of tin from such a solution may be a very expensive and time-consuming process.

Nevertheless, it has recently been demonstrated that tin can be recovered from aqueous solutions containing a tin salt by the addition of controlled amounts of metallic iron at appropriate temperatures and acid conditions. The amount of metallic iron used is dependent on the tin concentration of the solution and a ratio of at least one mole of metallic iron per mole of tin contained in the solution is preferred.

The temperature for the precipitation of the tin is in the range of 100 C. and preferably 115-150 C. This temperature is suitable for a number of different tin salts including stannous chloride, bromide, iodide and fluoride, although in some instances larger amounts of iron are required to produce satisfactory precipitations of tin.

The tin iv chloride pentahydrate formula can be prepared by adding 2 grams of tin to a mixture of 2.82 g of finely divided low carbon iron in an aqueous acidic stannous chloride solution in a 2-liter autoclave at a temperature of 150 C. The iron powder is then filtered and the tin-iron powder containing a substantial percentage of tin is separated from the solution.

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