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What is an Aluminium-Silicon Alloy ? Silicon alloy is a binary mixture of silicon, aluminum and magnesium that has the ability to retain their excellent properties.
Silicon is an excellent choice for metal alloys used in casting. Because of its fluidity and melting temperature, it reduces shrinkage, solidification time, and is inexpensive as a raw material. Silicon is also very dense (2.34g/cm3). This may help reduce the weight of the casting parts. It is very solubilized in aluminum. Therefore, silicon precipitates in the form almost pure silicon. This gives rise to wear resistance. This material is rich in silicon and aluminum, and has a mature preparation technology.
Si-Al alloy has a density of between 2.4g/cm3 & 2.7g/cm3. The coefficient of thermal extension (CTE) ranges between 7-20ppm/. Si-Al alloy’s density and thermal expansion factor decreases with increasing silicon content. Si-Al alloy has great properties like good thermal conductivity and high specific strength. It can also be coated with gold, silver or copper. Si-Al alloy can be weldable with substrate and allows for easy precision machining.
Silicon-aluminum alloy is a promising option for electronic packaging materials, particularly in high tech fields like aerospace, space technology and portable electronic gadgets.

What types of Silicon-Aluminum Alloys is Available?
Four categories can be used to describe the industry’s important silicon-aluminum alloy:
Hypoeutectic silica aluminum alloy. The silicon content can range from 9% to 12 percent.
Eutectic silicon aluminium alloy. The silicon content can range from 11%-13%.
Hypereutectic silica aluminum alloy. The silicon content can range from 15% to 20 percent.
High silicon aluminium alloy. The silicon content is higher than 22%, mostly 25-70%, and up to 80%.

What is Aluminum-Silicon Alloy?
High silicon-aluminum alloy material can be used to make lightweight, wear-resistant materials for all types of transport tools, power machinery and special fasteners.
High silicon-aluminum alloy is widely used in automobile engine cylinder liners, pistons, rotors and brake discs due to its low specific gravity, light weight and low thermal expansion coefficient.
It can also serve as a packaging material for high power integrated circuits.
Optic frame.
Heat sink parts
Al-Si is a strong, compound deoxidizer. It is possible to replace pure aluminum in steelmaking processes, which can increase deoxidizer utilization, purify molten Steel and improve steel quality.

What series is an Aluminium Silicon Alloy?
4XXX series.

What is Silumin, you ask?
Silumin, a series of aluminum alloys that are lightweight and strong made from aluminum-silicon systems like aluminum-silicon, is one such group. Aluminum-silicon alloys typically contain between 3 and 25% silicon. Al-Si alloys are used primarily for casting. However, they can also be used in powder metallurgy and rapid solidification. The silicon content of alloys that are used in powder metallurgy may be higher than for casting. Silumin has a high corrosion resistance and is therefore suitable for use in wet environments.

Si Al Alloy Price
Price is affected by many factors, including supply and demand, industry trends and economic activity.
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