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What is Aluminium Silicon Alloy?

Silicon-aluminum alloy can be described as a binary mixture of aluminum and silicon (or aluminum) that preserves the finest properties of silicon or aluminum.

Silicon is a great material for casting metal alloys. Silicon increases the melting fluidity and reduces the temperature of melting and reduces shrinkage due to the process of solidification. This makes it a very affordable raw material. Silicon has a very low density (2.34g/cm3) which is beneficial in order to decrease the weight of the casting components. Because silicon is solubilized in aluminum and aluminum, its hardness is very low and it forms as almost pure silicon. This improves wear resistance. The content of silicon and aluminum is quite rich and the technology for preparation of silicon powder is advanced and its cost is minimal and, in addition, this material does not cause any harm to the environment and is safe to the human body.

Si-Al alloy has a density between 2.4g/cm3 and 2.7g/cm3. The coefficient of thermal extension (CTE), ranges between 7-20ppm/. The density and thermal expansion coefficients of the alloy diminish dramatically with increasing silicon content. At the same time Si-Al alloy is characterized by excellent properties, such as good thermal conductivity, high specific strength and stiffness, good coating with gold, silver and nickel, able to be weldable using substrate, easy precision machining and so on.

Silicon-aluminum alloy is a promising material for electronic packaging in high-tech fields such as space and aerospace technology.

What are the Types of Silicon Aluminum Alloys?

The industrial alloy of silicon-aluminum is classified into four groups:

Hypoeutectic titanium aluminum alloy. The silicon content ranges from 9% to 12 percent.

Eutectic silicon aluminum alloy. The silicon content is between 11% and 13 percent.

Hypereutectic Silica Aluminum Alloy. The silicon content ranges from 15% to 20 percent.

High silicon aluminum alloy. The silicon content is higher than 22%, most notably 25-70%, but can reach as high as 80%.

What does Aluminium-Silicon Aluminum Alloy do?

High-silicon-aluminum alloy is characterized by outstanding tribological properties and can be used in the most advanced wear-resistant materials for all types transportation tools including power tools, as well as special fasteners.

Due to its lower specific gravity and its light weight, high-siliconium alloy is extensively used as a cylinder liner and piston for automobile engines. It also has a low thermal expansion coefficient and volume stability.

It can be used to also create high-power integrated circuits.


Optical frame

Parts for heating sinks

Al-Si alloy is a powerful compound that acts as an oxidizer. The replacement of pure aluminum can increase the steelmaking process’ efficiency, as well as purify the melting and enhance the quality of the.

What Series Is an Aluminium Silicon Alloy

4XXX series.

What exactly is Silumin?

Silumin, an aluminum-silicon alloy that has high strength and lightweight is made from aluminum-silicon systems, is one of the most popular aluminum alloys. The aluminum-silicon alloys typically consist of between 3% and 25% silica. Al-Si alloys are most commonly used for casting, but they also can be used as a fast solidification process, or even in powder metalurgical processes. Powder metallurgy alloys may have up to 50% more silicon than those that are used in casting. Silumin has a high corrosion resistance, making it suitable for use in wet environments.

Si-Al Alloy powder price

Price is affected by many factors, including supply and demand, market trends, economic activity and unexpected circumstances.

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Si-Al Alloy Powder Supplier

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