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What is it? Aluminum Boride ? Aluminum boride, a binary compound that is made of aluminum and Boron, is known as AlB2. AlB2 is its chemical formula. It is a reddish solid at normal temperatures and pressures. It loses its luster when heated. It is stable when it is heated in cold dilute acid. However, it will break down in hot hydrochloric or nitric acid. It can be obtained by heating fine powders made of aluminum and/or boron, and then reacting with them.
Aluminum Boride: The Characteristics
Aluminum Boride is a monoclinic, black, glossy, monoclinic crystal that has a specific weight of 2.55 (18degC). It’s insoluble in water and acid and can also be decomposed in hot acid. Aluminum Boride is a dangerous substance as it reacts with acid or hydrogen to make toxic gases. Aluminum boride reacts with hydrochloric to release borane or aluminum chloride. Structurally, the B atoms form graphite sheets with Al between them. This is very similar in structure to magnesium diboride. AlB2 is a single crystal that exhibits metallic conductivity with an axis parallel the hexagonal plane.
Aluminum Diboride AlB2 Powder Properties
Other Titles aluminium boride, aluminum diboride, AIB2
No. 12041-50-8
Combination Formula AlB2
Molecular Weight 48.604 g/mol
Appearance Solid copper-red
Melting Point >920 degC (decomposes)
Solubility of in water Insolutable
Density 3.19 g/cm3
Purity >98.5%
Particle size 5-10um
Poisson’s Ratio N/A
Specific heat N/A
Thermal Conductivity N/A
Thermal Expansion N/A
Young’s Modulus N/A
Exact 49.000149
Monoisotopic 49.000149
Aluminum Diboride AlB2 Powder CAS 12041-50-8
How to prepare aluminum iboride
AlB12 powder was produced by powder metallurgy using amorphous Boron powder and aluminum powder. To determine the phase composition, relative contents, and microscopic structure of the product, Xray diffractometer was used and the scanning electron microscope was used. The product’s impurities are determined by the amount of buried powder Al. The buried powder Al content is 30% (mass content, the same below), and elemental Al exists in the product; the buried powder Al content is 10%, and the impurities are mainly Al2O3; When the Al content of the buried powder is 20%, the impurity content is the least, which is mainly oxy-magnesium-aluminum phase. The best process parameters for synthesis include constant temperature 60 min, synthesis temperature 1400, and Al content 17.2%. Buried powder has a 20% Al content.
Aluminum Boride: What are its applications?
Aluminum boride has a structure similar to intermetallic compound. This structure is mainly dependent on the crystal structure in aluminum metal and boron and not their valence relationship. AlB2, AlB4, and AlB12 are the three aluminum borides. AlB2, a diboride, can be created by reacting two elements greater than 600. It is a layered structure. Al and B atoms are directly overlain (A,A mode) and B atoms can be filled in the triangular column that forms from the direct overlap of Al. That is, the boron layers are between the aluminum layers. The structure and function of the boron layer are similar to graphite. The hexagonal network of boron molecules is created by their interconnections. The distance between each boron atom and the other three atoms of the B is 0.173 nm. Six Al atoms connect to the B. These occupy the vertices the triangular prism greater. Dilute hydrochloric Acid can dissolve AlB2 to make a reducing mixture, which may include HB(OH),+. AlB2 is not soluble in dilute sulfuric acids, but is soluble in nitric. AlB2 will eventually decompose to AlB12 if it reaches 920oC.
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