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What is Aluminum Nitride Pulver? Aluminum nitride, also known as AlN, is an inorganic metal non-metallic material that is similar to diamond. It has a high thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion coefficient and is excellent for thermal shock. It has a strong corrosion resistance to molten iron and is an excellent crucible for casting aluminum, aluminum, or any combination thereof. Aluminum nitride has excellent potential applications in the area of electrical component manufacturing. The large-scale production of integrated circuits is a popular application for ultrafine aluminum Nitride powder.

What is Nano Aluminum Nickel Powder?
Aerosol ablation produces nano aluminum nitride, also known as AlN. It is extremely pure, has a small particle size, and exhibits high surface activity. The powder obtained by surface modification is not subject to hydrolysis, and it has very low oxygen levels. It is easy to see the impact of insulation and thermal conductivity (0.01%). The viscosity increases are not evident when it is used in polymer-resins. It is the best high thermal conductivity, insulating filler. A nano-aluminum-nitride is a nitride with diamond-like properties. It can be stable to 2200 at room temperatures and decreases with increasing temperature. It is good at resisting heat and metal erosion. Nano-aluminum is an excellent crucible material for casting pure aluminum, aluminum alloy, and pure iron.
Application of Nano-Aluminium Nitride Powder
1. Nano lubricating and anti-wear oil: The nano ceramic oil contains modified nano aluminum Nitride ceramic particles. These ceramic particles act on the friction pair of the engine with the oil. To repair damaged surfaces, it is embedded in the dents and micropores of the metal to form a nanoceramic protective coating. The layer of film acts as an isolation layer, so the friction created by the relative movement of parts only acts on that layer. Additionally, nano-ceramic particle, similar to small balls, transforms part of friction between friction pairs, from traditional sliding friction, to rolling friction. This creates a super anti-wear protection effect for the engine. You can reduce the friction coefficient by up to 80% and increase the anti-wear performance by more then 350% by improving your lubrication. You can reduce wear and tear by up to 80%, increase life expectancy by more the three-fold, reduce downtime, improve maintenance costs, prolong overhaul period by more over twice, reduce downtime by more, and save energy by between 10% and 30%. Additionally, you can increase your equipment’s output power by 20% to 40%. It takes only two thousandths of a thousandths to a thousandth;
2. High thermal conductivity plastics can be used with modified nano aluminum Nitride powder. This can dramatically increase the plastics’ thermal conductivity. Add 10-30% of the experiment product to the plastic and the plastic’s thermal conductivity will increase from 0.3 to 3. The plastic’s thermal conductivity also increases by more than 10x. This material is used primarily in PVC plastics and polyurethane plastics. ;
3. Other fields of application: Nano-aluminum is also used in crucibles that are used for smelting nonferrous metals or semiconductor materials GaAs.

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