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Woven manganese wire mesh is available in a variety of weaves, sizes and edge types. It is a good choice for vibrating screens, trommel screens and other mining applications. It offers long service life, high tensile strength, wear resistance and good toughness. The material is also resistant to corrosion and oxidizing agents. Stainless steel woven mesh and perforated metals offer excellent wear and abrasion resistance but are expensive to make compared to 65mn wire.

In the wire mesh industry, T-304 SS and T-316 SS are the most popular alloys used in production of wire cloth and wire mesh. These two alloys are commonly available from stock and through custom manufacturing, depending on the quantity required. Other alloys, such as T-310 SS, T-321 SS, and T-347 SS are less common yet are often available through special order or custom manufacture.

Copper is a versatile alloy and is commonly available from stock or through custom manufacturing. This ductile and malleable metal is resistant to atmospheric corrosion and attacks oxidizing agents, including nitric acid, ferric chloride, cyanides, and ammonia acids compounds.

Manganese is a naturally occurring metallic based compound that is used to stain clays (using black), and to impart fired speckle in glazes and bodies (for decorative purposes). The speckling seen here is from M340S REV, a cone 6 buff stoneware body with 0.2% 60-80 mesh granular manganese added. The body was formulated to stop a little short of typical fired maturity to assure no blistering at cone 6. Experiment with the percentage and particle size to find the desired effect.

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