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Amazing! Superior performance, building materials industry indispensable good material

Cement foam insulation board is widely used, superior performance, mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Good fire insulation performance

Cement foam board belongs to class A non-combustible inorganic thermal insulation materials, can maintain integrity at high temperatures, and effectively improve the fire performance of the building. Its closed porosity of more than 95%, with excellent thermal insulation properties.

Excellent sound insulation performance

Due to the formation of many porous independent bubbles, the sound-absorbing effect of cement foam board is about five times that of ordinary concrete, and the sound insulation coefficient can be more than 45 decibels.

Lightweight seismic capacity

Cement foam board has a low density of about 250kg/cubic meter, passed the anti-fatigue vibration test, and can withstand a magnitude nine earthquake after welding with steel structure.

Construction is convenient and efficient

Cement Foam Board is easy to construct, has a short construction period, has no need for extra materials such as sand and cement, has simple and efficient stacking of materials, occupies less space and equipment resources, has no construction waste, and no need for plastering after Construction. Compared with the traditional block wall, it takes only three people 60 minutes to construct the Cement Foam Board, which greatly saves the labor cost.

Strong compressive strength and bonding force

Adding special fiber enhances the compressive strength of the cement foam board, which the national testing agency verifies that its bending damage load can be more than three times its weight (1.5 times the national standard), the compressive strength can be more than 5MPa (3.5MPa of the national standard), and the hanging force is more than 1,500N (1,000N of the national standard).

Environmental protection and energy saving and non-toxic and harmless

Cement foam is comprised of cement fly ash and other raw materials. It does not melt at extreme temperatures and won’t emit toxic gases. It is a safe and ecologically sustainable material. Additionally, cement foam board, being an unrecyclable product, is recognized through the nation’s policy on industrialization.

Cement foam board is widely used in large-span industrial plants, warehouses, large machine garages, stadiums, exhibition halls, airports, large-scale utilities, and mobile homes, as well as residential mezzanines, residential wall insulation, and other construction engineering fields. Compared with the foam insulation material used before, cement foam board overcomes the problems of poor thermal insulation performance, high thermal conductivity, and ease of cracking.

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