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The chemical formula is the set of numbers representing the atoms in a molecule. It is also known as the empirical formula or atomic number formula, and it provides the numerical proportion of each type of atom in the molecule. It is used as the basis of stoichiometry in chemical equations, which determine the relative quantities of reactants and products in chemical reactions.

beryllium selenide formula is a binary II-VI semiconductor crystallizing in the zinc blend structure at ambient temperature and pressure. It has an indirect band gap.

The monochalcogens, including beryllium selenide, are important material candidates for future nanotechnology applications such as wide-band-gap electronics and insulators. They are binary II-VI semiconductors that crystallize in the zinc blend structure at ambient temperature and equilibrium pressure. In their bulk form they have indirect band gaps but transition to direct gaps in the monolayer limit.

As a metalloid, beryllium is chemically similar to oxygen and sulfur. It is able to form strong covalent compounds with them, and it has low atomic and ionic radii, which allow for high ionization potentials and rapid polarization when bonded to other atoms. Beryllium is produced mainly from the minerals bertrandite, chrysoberyl and phenakite, but it can be extracted from seawater as well.

Inhaling beryllium dust can cause a potentially life-threatening respiratory disease, berylliosis. For this reason, beryllium is a restricted substance with very strict occupational safety standards.

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