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iron metal powder is an extremely versatile metal that is used in a variety of applications, including brazing, machining, additive manufacturing (AM), and surface coating. In addition, it is also an excellent filler material in sintered parts.

Classification of Iron Powder

Iron is a relatively simple element that can be found in many stars in large quantities. It is a very stable metal with low melting points and oxidation potentials. It is a significant component of hemoglobin and is necessary for plant and animal life.

Pure Iron is not commonly encountered in commerce, but it is alloyed with carbon and other metals to create the metallic material known as steel.

The use of powdered metal for sintering and pressing is very common in the production of complex shapes and components. Hoganas offers a wide range of iron powders that are suitable for different techniques.

FE Simulations of Compaction

In order to understand the behavior of a powder in forming processes, we must consider compaction forces and the distribution of stress during compaction. To model this process, we must develop a three-invariant single plasticity model and implement it in an FE code.

Using this model, we have evaluated the compaction capabilities of an automotive component and a conical shaped-charge liner made from iron powder. This type of liner is used in the civilian oil and steel sector for geophysical prospecting, mining, and quarrying.

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