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TiN is a wear resistant, inert coating that reduces friction and galling. It can increase tool life two to ten times over uncoated tools. It can also help retain sharp edges on surgical instruments and improve device aesthetics to differentiate products from competitors. It is used in the production of medical equipment such as scalpels, orthopedic bone saws and dental implants. It is biocompatible and is safe for use in food processing equipment as it meets US Food & Drug Administration guidelines. Its attractive golden color makes it an ideal choice for decorative jewelry and household fixtures.

TiN can be applied to a variety of materials and substrates including metal, plastic and ceramics. It can be applied by a number of methods including physical vapor deposition, plasma spray and sputtering. Physical vapor deposition involves placing the substrate in a vacuum chamber and applying a small amount of titanium and nitrogen to it. The resulting vapor is then deposited on the substrate to produce a layer of hard TiN. Plasma spray and sputtering are similar processes but require more complex systems.

The growing demand for high quality machine tools, injection molding and press equipment is driving growth in the global titanium nitride coating market. Titanium nitride coating is often used on cutting tools, punches and dies to increase their life expectancy up to ten times over non-coated tools.

The global titanium nitride coating market is dominated by North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. In the Asia-Pacific region, Japan and China are leading the market. This is due to increasing industrial activities and rise in demand for high quality tools within these countries.

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